Saturday, October 22, 2011

Absolutely Beautiful Day Today!!

Wow! If I was able to bottle a days weather, it would be today!! I woke up early and have just been enjoying the fabulous weather ever since : )
Days like today my grandmother would always say "It's good to be alive"!! AMEN!
I'm always scared to let myself start to feel happy because something always pops up and ruins my good mood, but not today!!

We had a great week this week:
We were able to get Netflix back up and running, which always adds a little something something to our school day.
We watched the Disney version of "Swiss Family Robinson" made in 1960. Holy Cow, If you want a perfect example of why you read a novel and then watch the movie made about it, this is it! Both Kelly & I felt that the movie did not do the book justice at all. Kelly even went so far as to say they "ruined the story". They used only 3 boys when the book has 4, no pirates actually seen in the book, tons of pirate attacks in the movie ect ect ect. Way to many changes and not enough sticking to the actual story in our opinion. Don't get me wrong we enjoyed the movie just were disappointed with the many liberties they took with the story.
What I really enjoyed was the many topics of conversation Kelly brought up about compairing the movie to the book. For the first time I think she realizes that the movie is NOT always better then actually reading the book - Hell Yeah!

We also did further reading about when your car has mechanical issues or what to do if you are in a car accident, We have really been enjoying "The Lady Mechanic's Total Car Care for the Clueless". I am really hoping to get Kelly going on driver's ed soon! I have told her to drive the car around our drive way to get the feel of it, but she really hasn't been that interested in doing it yet.

We also watched a dvd "Biography: Adam & Eve", I figured since we now have Netflix to let me go back over the Mystery of History chapters we have completed and get a few dvd's to review those topics. While the dvd was interesting I thought, Kelly did not like it all. She didn't like that it showed nakedness thru out the whole thing (it had a mix of painted depictions & an actual actor/actress protraying Adam & Eve). She was very uncomfortable with it.... so needless to say I don't think she got much out of that one : ( We will be getting a bio on Noah for Monday that should go over better, I hope!

Still really struggling with getting math going on a daily basis!!

But all in all a fantastic week : )
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, God Bless!


Rhonda said...

I have to agree. This fall weather has just been amazing! We are really enjoying it.

We also read "Swiss Family Robinson" and watched the movie and the girls and I enjoyed the book so much more. There is just something about putting yourself into a book that makes it much more interesting.

I am happy to hear that Netflix is back into your home. We use it a lot here for documentaries during our lessons. It is well worth the money.

Enjoy your weekend my friend.

Fatcat said...

Never judge a book by it's movie! :-)

That said, I saw the movie first of Swiss Family Robinson and preferred it. No monkey massacre!