Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time Flies - Last Sat. In October!

I know I say this often about the months passing so quickly but my gosh where the heck did October go?????
We are having a rainy day today here in our part of Florida, and I am LOVING it! I have already baked some chocolate chip muffins, made a macaroni salad, washed the kitchen floor, worked on "My MidLife "Green Crisis" blog and it's only 10:30am!

Do you all remember my mentioning back on June 20th about my being a co-executor on a will and having trouble getting the lawyer moving on it (the lady has been dead 2 years already)? Well I have called left messages, wrote a letter ect. and heard back from him once. I have been in no position to hire a lawyer on my end of things to see what the heck this guy has been doing so I felt pretty stuck. Well this past Wed. I got a call from the lawyers brother (who is also a lawyer), the original lawyer I was contacted by (this guys brother) passed away! He went in for routine surgery and never woke up, he passed Sept. 18th. (eerie coincidence - the same date 2 years earlier as my lady friend who's will he was holding up)! This new guy seems like he really wants to wrap this all up and I'm with him! I have been really worried since the people mentioned in my lady friends will are also elderly that they would pass on before being able to enjoy this nice chunk of money they are going to be inheriting! Anyway, I pray I can get this all settled for all involved!!

I have to tell you about the A&E Noah dvd that we watched, Wow - I wished I had watched it before Kelly saw it!! Holy Cow, It was moving along very informative and interesting then BAM! They talk about how Noah's second son Ham went mad on the year long stay on the ark and when they got off in one scene in the dvd they say he either sodomised or castrated Noah!! I brushed over it and did not discuss what these two words ment, I felt there was no need for her to have that vision of Noah when she thinks of him. YIKES!

We are watching a cute dvd about the different time frame of dinosaurs called "Prehistoric Planet: The Complete Dino Dynasty" It is narrated by Ben Stiller, he makes funny comments thru out which we have enjoyed.

Hope everyone has a wonderful last weekend in October - Until Next time!!

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Jennifer said...

That's so weird that he died the same day as the woman in the will! Strange! Hope this can all be wrapped up soon now and hopefully there will be a surprise in there for you :)