Monday, June 22, 2009

Toad Haven Homeschool

One of my new favorite Homeschooling blogs is: Toad Haven Homeschool
What a site!!!!! This is how I dream of teaching Kelly : )
Going places and having wonderful learning experiences & Also working on such interesting projects!
There are a number of wonderful posts to read:
"What does it mean to be well educated" *I feel it is a must read for any homeschooler*
"Why schools don't educate"
Are just two of the ones that really hit home for me since you know how I struggled this year with teaching Kelly..... I am always so caught up in the "What we SHOULD be learning thing" that I think I just stress out so much because she is so far behind but what I should be focusing in on is her strenghts and likes and work from there, that first article really pointed that out to me.
I have since decided we are taking a week or so to just "Slow our roll" and then I am going to try this new approach.


Mrs. Darling said...

I used to read that blog and lost it! Thanks for the link again. I'vae hit a homeschool groove that works for us. I caution you not to compare yourself to what the others are doing. YOu are you and what works for each family is different. I was a school teacher before home school so I am very confident in my homeschool but I realize thats not the case for everyone and I just dont want you feeling guilty. Kelly will turn out a wonderful adult and then you will look back at this and realize you did it right!

ccs123 said...

Please don't forget about the importance of including Christ in your teachings. I strongly feel that He must be the rock on which my childrens' educations are built. If He is missing, the structure will surely fall. Please be careful not to model yourself after someone who may not have the same faith or values as you.