Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Working On Me Time : )

I have been really enjoying my "Me" time this month : )
I decided I wanted to get back into the things that I find interesting - zero waste, no waste food, getting rid of plastic, whole foods, things I can do to take better care of the earth. I have been watching a ton of dvd's:
Super Size Me
Hungry for Change
Food Stamped
Swee Misery: A Poisoned World
Queen of the Sun
The Botany of Desire
King Corn
America the Beautiful
Dive!: Living Off America's Waste

On the reading side of things:
Zero Waste Home
Trim Healthy Mama We have only read a few chapters in our book study of this book, but for some reason I am finding it very hard to read it. I seem to pick it up and then put it down and move on to other things : (
The Prevention Total Health System: Food and Nutrition
You Being Beautiful

I am happy to say by just removing most of the sugar from my diet and snacking on fruits and vegetables that I have lost weight : )  I started at around 178lbs. I am glad to say I am now down to 148 lbs.! I am hoping to get down to 135lbs., Maybe I can pick up some tips & ideas from all of my dvd watching & reading to make that happen : )

Until  Next Time - God Bless!!