Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mini Check-Up

I was in Publix's (food store) picking up my new favorite thing to eat - "Chung's vegetable egg rolls"! I'm sure they don't really help with my losing weight when I dip them in duck sauce, but darn are they good : )
While I was there I saw a blood pressure machine and tried it  - Those machines have come a long way since the last time I tried one, they tell you everything now...
My blood pressure was 99/79 - it said that was normal (I thought 120/80 was normal?)
My pulse was 86
Beats 85 (not sure if this was heartbeats or what)
My body mass index was 25.51
My weight was 153lb for my height of 5ft 5in., it said I was considered overweight : (
I came home and weighed myself on my scale and sure enough with my jeans & sneakers on I weighed 153lb, when I took them off (I usually weigh myself just as I am getting into the shower) I weighed 148 - so my jeans and sneakers add roughly 5 pounds (who knew?).
Too bad those machines weren't able to take a little blood sample while your hand is getting squeezed for the blood pressure check and have it check your blood sugar too that would come in handy.
I will check my blood pressure the next time I go in to see if it stays in that range it was kinda fun like a mini check-up : )

Until Next Time - God Bless!!