Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Already.....

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday....
We went and picked Kelly up yesterday down at my son's place, We also headed over to the Daytona Speedway to see the re-paving they are doing to the track. It sure is a lot of work they are doing but it will be great once they finish it.
While at my sons we played some tennis (which I haven't done in years), Swam in the pool, watched some football, ate and came home.
I didn't get much marked off my to do list that I had planned on doing while Kelly was on "vacation" : ( The days just go by so fast.
Schooling today consisted of:
Watching a dvd on Venezuela - "The lost world" it was very beautiful & interesting.
Then we did start back on our Above & Beyond Five in a Row book "Hitty", reading chapter 3 and covering: whaling & ships.
Talking about the sea gave me a great idea to make the "Beach Memories Keepers" posted over on "All Things Beautiful". I wish I could post pictures of our masterpieces but we are still using this old computer and can't : ( Doing a craft really adds some zip to the day for Kelly.
Of course no math was done AGAIN today.... and I wonder why she struggles so with it!

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Phyllis said...

We had fun with the beach memory keepers, too. Sounds like you had a very full and fun few days.