Friday, September 17, 2010

Sat. Frame Of Mind....

Feels like a Sat. to me today....
I woke up and shot right out to buy the hay & pellets for the horses trying to see if that would help with still getting schooling done.
We watched a dvd about Mysteries Monuments of Peru to go with our Peru study. I thought it was kinda of interesting. Kelly hates to watch two or more dvds on one subject but sometimes you can find a couple of goodies on alittle bit different material.
We read two chapters from History of Us book 10
Then for our cooking class today we cheated and bought Betty Crocker Supreme Bars - Cookie/Brownie to make. Ours didn't end up looking anything like the picture on the box at all, we followed the directions so not sure what happened. They tasted okay but not great - I will not buy it again : (
For Kelly physical education class she worked out with the horses.
That was our school day....
I am hoping to get better school plans together for next week (at least getting some math in to the day).
Thank you for the posted comments - I really appreciate all your help & ideas!

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