Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Library Problems - What Would You Do?

I have a question for you all....
To top off my crappy week already (It's only tues..) my library is telling me that they do not have three of the books that I took out & returned!
What would you do if you know that you returned them? Have any ideas for me?
I have asked if they have cameras in the library to see if we can check that (haven't heard back from them yet) because I know roughly when we finished that unit study (back on Sept. 17th.).
I have doubled checked my house and car just to make sure but I really can see myself dropping off the books. The problem is that I had these books transfered from the main library and there is only one librarian at my library do to budget cuts and she has to handle everything that goes on. I'm not sure what happened to the books, they got misplaced or taken by someone by mistake when they checked theirs out since check-in & take-out is in the same area.... All I know is that I can't afford to have to pay for those books. It really would be a mess if I can no longer take books out : (

I wanted to give a big Hugs & Thanks to all who have responded to my past post - It really helps : )


Phyllis said...

I am not sure about what you can do this time, but I seem to remember you had a similar problem before about library books. Perhaps you should wait for them to be checked in from now on and then get a printout of what books you still have out. Or, if you don't have any out, perhaps your inquiring will be remembered by whoever you asked.

Donna said...

Thanks Phyllis,
I have had a number of issues with our library but this time it is with my local branch (they have been dying to find problems with it just so they could close it) so I hate to make to many waves about the books.... but yet I don't want to pay for them. At our local branch you just drop the books off at the main desk and she gets to them when she can so there is no way to get a receipt and she is by herself so you don't know when she will get to the returns. I haven't heard back from the library but I am sure hoping they have found the books!

Fatcat said...

Sometimes we have to go and check the shelves and sometimes we find that they've reshelved the books without logging them in.

Otherwise, ask if you can make payments? Make sure they know your husband has been out of work, sometimes they will reduce fees.

I hate it when that happens.

Jennifer said...

I've had this happen to me as well and I've gone and looked on their shelves and found them every time. If it is not on their shelf then call the main library and have them go search their shelves or go there yourself and look.