Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Emergency Services Tour

Our homeschooling group went on a tour of our Emergency Services building. The "control" room is amazing! Kelly was in heaven in there, you can see from the picture above how many laptop computers they have there (since hers died she has been in withdrawls). It sure looks like they have everything under control in there - Hopefully we won't need it......
We also had a great demonstration by our fire dept., they had a fireman dress up in his gear with the 80lb. air tanks on and all. Fireman really need to be in shape to be able to wear all that heavy gear plus any equipment they need and not to mention having to drag out any people from the fire. Most all of our fireman are also EMTs which is wonderful to know. Since this was one of the first homeschooling tours that our group was made up of different age brackets - Ours was 9yrs. old thru teens, I found it worked out better for us. I asked questions on what requirements are need to become a fireman (Kelly had tossed that idea around for awhile).
This was one of the few homeschool outings we went on and we meet a couple of new girls that are Kelly's age. They seemed really nice (for 15 year olds), Kelly barely gave them eye contact : ( Here I was talking shoes and driving with the girls and Kelly is next to me playing with her camera. It is not so much that she is shy (which she is), but she really just doesn't want to make any friends - Isn't that kinda weird? She says she has no interest in these girls what so ever so why talk to them : ( I really hope to go on some more outings - I unlike Kelly enjoy talking to new people young and old alike.


Rhonda said...

Looks like a great day with the homeschooling group. I am so sorry to hear about Kelly's computer. I sure hope that it gets fixed soon. Maybe once you have a few more homeschool group days together Kelly will warm up to the other girls, especially seeing her mom having so much fun. I will be crossing my fingers.

Kat said...

Hi there! Just came across your blog and have enjoyed reading through it! :) I love the trips that our homeschool group takes and the one to the fire station ALWAYS stands out as a group favorite. :)