Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Bit On The Disappointed Side Of Things Today

Feeling a bit down today because of something Kelly said..... We were talking and I asked her "What was the name of the blind & deaf girl we watched the dvd about"? She did not know : (  This is the kinda thing that I deal with, She retains the bulk of what we are learning about but not the details like names and dates ect. To be honest with you I was really disappointed and felt really deflated. Now if I were to go and get more books out of the library to go over the Helen Keller story to try and hammer in the info. into Kelly's head, She would pull a fit saying we have already learned about her lets not beat the topic to death. I have read where you need to see something a number of times for it to stick in your memory so maybe if I get a white board and write the "Topics" of the week on it and she sees it each day maybe then info. like Helen's name might stick in her brain a bit better. Do you all have any tips or ideas I could use?
Speaking of Kelly she has a new addiction! I really mean it, this child is now addicted 24/7 to "World of Warcraft". She plays that game non stop, every time she is on the computer that game is on. Her online friends are all on there and they meet up in the game and fight things.... She has even gotten my daughter-in-law into it! You have to buy upgrades to level up your player and the real kicker is you have to PAY each month ($15.00) to play on line. It all seems crazy to me!! I'm thinking of ways to work her needing $15.00 each month into her doing more school work without the moaning and groaning.
Anyway, We will be motoring along with our school work this summer. We are NOT taking off for any summer vacation time. I'm hoping to get back into our more normal pace of things now that my son & daughter-in-law are all snug as bugs into their new home and loving it! Whoo Hooo!
Until Next Time - God Bless!!


Phyllis said...

I have had the same problem with a couple of my kids. It is not as uncommon as you might think. You need to figure out how your daughter learns best and make sure you use that method. I tend to use the facts I want the kids to retain in copywork and timelines (written), oral narrations (speaking and listening), spelling words, reading, movies...anything I can think of so the repetition is not all done in the same way. I agree with Kelly that another of the same method is not the answer.

Donna said...

Thanks Phyllis for posting. Kelly learns best from watching dvd's, so I try and use a dvd and at least one book on the topic to get the info. to sink in a bit. I will try as you mentioned and get a copywork/notebook page type thing and see if that helps. Thanks again for your tips!

Nicole said...

This might sound funny, but you might work in a couple of picture books for her to read while you are studying the topics. I do that with Dawson. He does notebooking. Since he's in the 9th grade I require him to write 7-9 or so sentences about the topic. Picture books and internet research are what he typically uses to complete the notebooking pages. I always have 5 or 6 easy picture books for him to read/look through while we are learning about the topic in more depth.