Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Day Is All Mine : )

Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!!!
I am home alone today, Kelly went to spend sometime with my daughter-in-law & son helping them get ready to move on Tues. (their closing on the house is at 8am).
I've been working on a timeline to go with our Mystery of History vol 1 studies, we didn't do the timeline or the memory cards when we started this curriculum and what a mistake that has been! We are both geting so mixed up on who is who, So I thought it best to do a quick timeline and jot down some notes on each topic we have covered so far.
We really enjoyed the entire dvd series of "Jacob's Ladder", Let's just say the electric went out for a few minutes and Kelly jumped out of her chair as soon as the power came back on and got the movie going again.... Now that's sayin something : )
Have you noticed how many "hot" topics of late have been in the news, breast feeding an almost 4 year old, same sex marriages ect. Even on facebook a gal started in that she feels teaching your kid to can fruits & veg. isn't schooling... What do kids REALLY need to know now a days????? I struggle with this often. Is it more important to cover topics that they will face out in the real world or for example things like forms of math you may never use in your life time. How much of the stuff you were taught in school have you really ever used???? I guess that's the beauty of homeschooling you can go in the direction you feel is best for you & your child, but DAM it sure can be mind blowing sometimes : )
Until Next Time - God Bless!!

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