Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Too Hot Already : (

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile it has just been so darn HOT here!! We had no airconditioner so it was dreadful in the afternoon just when we were getting ready to do our school work : (  Last night we went out and bought one from Lowes $400.00!! Yikes!! I really hated to have to buy one but it is only May and we were roasting every day. It was the biggest model we could get that had out type of plug I figured it would at least cool off the living/kitchen area and that beast was heavy to carry into the house.... Well I hate it! I am so disappointed in it : (  For $400.00 I was expecting a power house and this thing is like a whimp not much power and cooling is okay, I was hoping for greatness and only got okay. To tell you the truth if I could of hauled that beast out of the window myself it would have went back to the store but needless to say my husband got it in there and it is staying.
On to other news my son got another promotion!! He is now going to be in charge of 30 people and have a number of very important tasks to do during the day, he also get's a nice pay raise. I am so very proud of him, he has only been working at the store for roughly 2 years! The closing on their house is set for May 15th., a new home & a promotion life is good for them - Praise God!!
Kelly has lost all her umph to learn to drive again : ( I'm not sure what caused it but it might have been that her car was acting up the gas gage even when you had gas in it would just shoot to empty and the light would go on so you never knew how much gas you really had.... then the engine light went on so I took it back to the car repair place we bought it from. It had no warranty or anything (that's the chances you take buying used) but the guy was nice and did the repairs for only the cost of the parts no labor. I am hoping today we just take the written test on the computer and see how she does and maybe once she has her actual permit and gets out on the road she will get the driving mojo back.
My husband is still working. Everyday can be a swallow the tears kinda day if I let it be... but I really try and not let things pull me down. This past Sat. he left for work at 6:30am and didn't come home until 8:30pm that night, no call or anything. He said he was playing golf with a few of the guys from work, then last night he said in passing that he hasn't golfed in over a week and a half.... I questioned him on it and he mubbled something and tried to let it drop that I had caught him in a lie. Like I said I swallow alot of tears some days : (
Until Next Time - God Bless!!


Phyllis said...

I could use some of your hot days! We still are using the down quilts!

Fatcat said...

I'm sorry about your tears. :-(

I know about kids not wanting to drive. My oldest couldn't get his license until he was 18 because of his broken ankle, but he doesnt' really care to drive much. he will if he has to, but doesn't like it. My nephew just got his license at 20!

Nicole said...

We are working on the driving thing. On the one hand he acts like he really wants to get started, but he's not too motivated to go take his permit test so he can practice driving. I guess I'll just let him do it in his own time.