Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time for Re-Enrollment...

Well it's time again for re-enrollment for Kelly's next school year.... Yikes! Doesn't time just fly by now a days????? I have to get paper work filled out for the next year and paper work filled out for the past year which is hard since we don't do grading/GPA's and we are using more of an unschooling approach for her learning. I am waiting back on an e-mail from our district rep. to see what I should do on that matter. We aren't really stopping for a school break this year, We are just going to keep going at our snails pace.
It has been sooooo darn hot here we don't want to be outside anyway! We can't even go for our walks. It has just been too hot & the knats are terrible in my area. We also are having a ton of fires all around us, none have gotten to close yet Thank Goodness!
Hope everyone has a Wonderful Day!!

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