Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No One Way Is The Right Way....

A week has gone by already since my last post : (
The baby chicks are doing very well, they are in my laundry room and aren't all that noisy. I need to find an bigger area for them as they are getting bigger by the minute....
It has been very very hot here & smokey from the many fires in our area, which has made it really hard to sleep at night and at times even to be able to just think straight let alone do school work. So we have not be progressing along as I had hoped : ( I am getting a couple of copies of "The Swiss Family Robinson" book out from the library, that is going to be our next reading story. Kelly has never read it before and to be honest I don't think I have either (I've seen the movie) an it kinda ties right into my going back to nature mode I am in lately see: My MidLife "Green" Crisis. I also found a simple unit study to go with the book at Easy Fun School which we will use while readng the book.
My librarians are all giving me the "look" when I go in lately, I have been getting a ton of books out on recycling, vegetarian cooking, farming, gardening, chemicals that are in our food and in our every day lives, the list goes on and on.... Just this past friday my husband went in to pick up my next set of books and the librarian joked with him saying looks like you are now going Amish because I got out "Plain and Simple" by Sue Bender : ) Jessica over at Teachable Moments had mentioned this book and I just had to get it. You can read her thoughts on the book at the above link. I really liked it! One thing that really hit a cord with me is when the author mentiones that the mom in the one Amish family never does anything out of the ordinary which made me think of my mom. My mom never had any hobbies, never read any books (she would read the local community paper that came out onces a week), she never showed any interests in a sports team, or music ect. which now I find very odd. Back then I never seemed to notice that she just expressed herself thru her cooking, cleaning, taking care of her family which she did wonderful I might add. Reading that book brought to my attention how different we all experience the world we live in and no one way is the "right" way. One thing for sure my kids know their mother's likes and dislikes I could not be further from my mom on that subject! My family these days just roll their eyes at me, and I LOVE it!!!
Enjoy the day!!!!!


Fatcat said...

I love reading your blog lately, since you've been going through your green midlife crisis thingy. You're so enthusiastic and seem so happy! Enjoy your day too!

Jessica said...

I think it is amazing how one interest can spark a whole series of learning adventures. I feel the same way about nutrition in my house. I am going to read Food Rules by Michael Pollan to my girls this week.

Thank you for mentioning my blog. I am so glad we discovered each other!


Jennifer said...

Have you checked out PInterest yet? It's a fabulous visual way to organize ideas and they have lots of "green" ideas on there and you can add any item that you want to the site as well.

Hard to explain but it is basically a virtual bulletin board where you can put up pictures of ideas you want to try out. It's like being able to quickly look through hundreds of magazines and how to books on every subject imaginable and being able to save the pictures and links to how to do it on your bulletin board. You can see mine here to get an idea if it is something you'd like to try out. I think you can see my link but you may have to be a member first...I"m not sure. If you want an invitation to join, just let me know and I"ll send one.

Freakmom said...

I'll be interested to see how you and Kelly like Swiss Family Robinson. I read it for the first time this year for the Classic Moms class I took. Mr. I and Violet also did it as a read aloud last summer.

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