Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Income Tax Day.....

We went down to H & R Block and had our taxes done... at one point they thought we were going to owe $669.00! I jumped out of my chair! I was like we are below poverty level, my business had no income last year, my husband has been on unemployment for a large chunk of the year and they are saying we owe! The man reworked the numbers and we are getting back some money - Praise God! At least we are going to have something to live on for a little while at least. Do you know they charged us something like $257.00 to prepair the taxes and another $94.00 to get the check in 2 days!
I was thinking of paying off all our bills once we get the money but my husband feels we shouldn't that we need money to live on....

We didn't get to school work... I had a migraine after we got home!
I pray tomorrow is a better day!!!!!

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