Thursday, February 25, 2010

25th Wedding Anniversay & Son Moving Out

It sure has been a crazy couple of days!
First on Feb. 23rd. my husband and I celebrated our 25th. wedding anniversay. I can't belive I have been married for 25 years.... It has been a bumpy ride and we have been at low point in our life lately but I pray better times are coming.
Second my son moved out, I feel lost without him.... it's funny I found a button we made of him when he was a little guy playing football. He was all smiles and oh so cute, seeing that button made me think really how short of a time we really have with our kids in the grand skeem of things. I pray that things work out the way he hopes. We went over to their apartment today and I hate to say but I think he has gotten him self in over his head. He has bought a big screen tv., a new couch, micro wave ect. - He has maxed out his credit card. I have told him time and time again that he has to be prepared for the unexpected and have some money put aside but he didn't listen! The cable guy was there while we were visiting, I couldn't understand one word the guy said.... He was Jamaican.
We have been trying to get the house back in some kind of order, It got ripped up with my son's packing.... Kelly moved into my son's old room. Now I don't see her either : (


April said...

Sometimes those money lessons they have to learn the hard way, on their own. Hopefully he will only have to learn it once!

Phyllis said...

I thought I was the only one to have a wedding in the winter! I was silly enough to have it the 17th of we never get to celebrate it because it is so close to Christmas!

Fatcat said...

Our kids grow so quickly!