Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Is everyone ready for football?
I am throwing some frozen pizzas in the oven for dinner and we have some smokies for snacks. I am rooting for the Saints - Go Shockey!
If you are a Nascar race fan you saw last night on the Budwiser shoot-out how windy and chilly it has been here the past few days in Florida.... It is cold again today!
We have a space shuttle going off early tomorrow morning, I think at around 4:15am. We are all looking forward to it since it will be the last "night time" launch, and they are spectacular to watch.
I have been gearing up for our school week - I found a fantastic yahoo group which has families who are also homeschooling children with learning disabilities. I know I say this every week but I really have to nail down what we are to do to keep us on task! I am sure alot of our dilly dallying is because of my not being organized.
I have placed my Netflix order for the series "How the Earth was made", and a bio on Shakespeare - I also have two library books on reserve about him to be picked up on Wed. I know it sounds like I am going dvd crazy but it really has helped with Kelly retaining the information. We are also starting a new book from Beyond Five In A Row series, "The Saturday's". Our library only has this book on cd so I went to Books A Million to see if they had it - $7.42 and I would need to wait 2 weeks for it. I think we are just going to use the cd version I know she isn't reading.... which is the whole point but night now I don't have the money to spend on a book : (
The lump is still on Kelly's neck but I think it has gone down a bit, She has 10 days of medicine and if it hasn't gone away by then we have to go back.... I pray that it just goes away.
Enjoy the game!!!!!! Go Saints!!!!!


Rhonda said...

Woot! Go Saints! I was so excited to see them win. Sound like you all had a great Superbowl party. Crossing fingers that the meds work very soon for Kelly.

School for Us said...

I'll say a prayer that Kelly's lump goes down!

Did you get to see the launch? My brother actually flew down there from Oklahoma. He said he woke up at 1 am two nights in a row, but he got to see it. It was her first launch.

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