Friday, February 12, 2010

Frosty Friday : (

It is soooo dreary here!!!! It is very cold and raining : ( This morning at 3:30am I was outside taking off the "coats" I had put on the horses to keep them warm because it started to sleet/rain. The horses looked at me like what the "heck" we are freezing but I couldn't have them out there with soaked coats hanging on their backs..... I really worry about them and all the other outside animals here in Florida they just aren't used to this much cold and nasty weather day after day!

We started school early today, We watched a math dvd on long division (Kelly knows how to do division but just forgets the steps sometimes), I am ordering the entire series of this math program - the next dvd is intro. to fractions.... I should really have her do some worksheets after each step.
Then we watched a dvd on William Shakespeare, I also took out two books from the library "Bard Of Avon" by Daine Stanley and "W. Shakespeare & the Globe" by Aliki. We watched the dvd and just looked through the books (no need for over kill I figured). In the dvd they state that Shakespeare even though he was married to Anne Hathaway he most likely had a homosexual relationship with the Earl of South Hampton - Yikes!. I have Tales from Shakespeare" by Charles & Mary Lamb, I want to read a few of his works to Kelly just so she gets a feel for his writtings. I remember back in school where I had to read Hamlet, I did not enjoy one bit of it but I don't want my thoughts to persuade her judgement one way or another.
Then we went on to her favorite topic of late World War II, I read from "The Good Fight - How World War II Was Won by Stephen E. Ambrose. What a great book! It covers each battle with just the right amount of info. and it also has great pictures too. My Dad was in this war in the navy, I so wish he were alive to tell her some stories about it. He never talked much about it but he did say how he was on the boats that would drive up to the shore and let the soldiers off. He said the soldiers would be crying, not wanting to get off.... Like they say war is hell!
Then she worked on her webpage she is putting together - I figure that in as computer skills.
All in all a good day! : )
Now if if would just warm up!!!!!!!

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Jennifer said...

If you want a true story, real tear jerker WWII children's picture book then read Faithful Elephants. If they don't have it at your library then just read it in a book store. It's about a group of elephants in a Japanese zoo and the sad decisions that the zoo keepers had to make while in the middle of their country fighting a war, whether they were for the war or not. It affected them all. So sad. Good book.