Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day

Even though our public school was off today I figured we could do some work on Presidents Day.
We read some great books:
Don't know much about The Presidents by Kenneth Davis
What Presidents are made of by Hanoch Piven
If The Walls Could Talk: Family Life at the White House by Jane O'Connor
I was surprised at how little attention was paid to Presidents Day this year, It seems unless it can be a "buying" holiday it gets passed right over....
Anyway, we enjoyed the books and learned a few new insights on each president.

My husband still has had no luck in finding a job : ( It really is getting scarry! Once my son gets his car back, My husband says he is going to go out and talk to all the paint stores and see if he can find anything....

Friday my baby turns 15 years old!!!! I am having a tough time with knowing my baby isn't a baby anymore : ( How is it possible that Kelly is turning 15! I am a terrible mom, Here in Florida Kelly is able to get her drivers permit when she turns 15 but I told her she needs to be 16.... I think she is too young to be driving. My son didn't get his driving permit till he was 16 or 17 I can't remember - He had no interest in getting it.

Speaking of my son he is moving out on Feb. 25th., He and his girlfriend are all excited and are getting all the household items they will be needing. I know they are excited but I have such mixed emotions about it all! For sure I will be sad... I am finding it so hard letting him go.

Tomorrow we have a fractions & School House Rock: Earth dvd coming in the mail. I also have a Germany video I got from our library - We are starting that country.

Kelly still has a slight lump on her gland, She now has congestion which is turning into a nasty cold. I knew once we went into a doctors office one of us would pick up something. Anyway, I am waiting a few days to see how her cold goes. I would hate for them to put her on another 10 days of amoxicillin!

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Rhonda said...

It is sad how President's Day is just passed over. We did a small unit study here and the girls enjoyed it. Sounds like you got some really good books. I love those "Don't Know Much About..." books.

Still praying for your husband to find a job.

My daughter is taking her Driver's Ed course now and we are all excited. She is only 15, but when she finishes her class, she has to wait 180 days before she is allowed to get her license in our state. So that will make her 16. the time just flies by way too fast and if you blink they will grow up before your very eyes.

Sorry to hear that Kelly is getting a cold, but happy to hear that the lump is going down. Hopefully her cold will pass quickly.