Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jan. Is Almost Gone Already.....

Geez, The month is almost over and I have posted like once!

Kelly & I went away a few days (3 days, 2 nights) to my son & daughter-in-laws. I can not tell you how good it was to get away!!!! Since they live right across the street from the Daytona Speedway we were able to go over there for the three day testing & Pre-Season Thunder. I had a BLAST! I got to see my favorite driver Kasey Kahne! We also got a few other autographs from some other drivers. All & all a great time : )
It has been cold down here in Florida! Which has really put us in a funk again. School work has been crawling along a a snails pace! Kelly has no interest in doing any work and to be honest neither do I. We try and get at least some things done but it sure hasn't been anything worth while : ( I am sure hoping once the weather starts getting nicer our moods will change with it!
My husband has still not found any work! He runs out of unemployment next week, I don't think they are extending that any more so not sure how all that is going to go but can't worry about that - It just makes me sick with worry : (
I hope everyone is staying warm & enjoying the winter weather this year! Not!!!!


Phyllis said...

Good to hear from you. I have been thinking and praying for your happiness.

Donna said...

Thank You Phyllis you are such a sweet angel!!!!!! : )

Rhonda said...

It is just crazy to think that in just a few short days that January will be behind us. I am actually happy about it. I am just ready for this winter to end and spring to begin. I have been praying for your husband to find himself a job. Hopefully something will turn up soon. I'm glad that you and Kelly had a nice time at your son's house. It is nice to get away sometimes.