Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Already....

Sunday already the weeks just fly by.
I want to thank you for the responses to my electric post, I really enjoy reading your thoughts & ideas they really help!
We are still really struggling along, It's funny how I always feel so optimistic on the weekend that I have things under control for the new school week and then wham it goes out the window....
Kelly is really interested in getting a Iguana. She has been doing alot of research on the computer about them which I have been happy to see. If it were up to Kelly we would ONLY study animals. I'm not joking you, She has no interest in anything else! We just finished another look at birds which we enjoyed. Sure is sad to see all those birds dropping out of the sky dead in many areas - What's up with that!
Anyway, Has anyone had an Iguana? Could you share any info about them with me? Our library has no books on their care and not sure if this is an animals we should get into.
Hope everyone has a Wonderful Sunday!

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