Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day Two....

We are still waiting to hear back from the bank if they are going to accept my son & daughter-in-law's bid for the mobile home they are hoping to buy, they offered the asking price so I can't see why they wouldn't accept it. I sure hope they hear some good news tomorrow, the waiting is wearing my daughter-in-law out.

My husband & I went to a bank today to cash our income tax refund check. Do you know they would not cash it unless we had an account with them? You would think a check from the govt. would be good as gold and you would be able to cash it any where! This is no lie, We were in the bank for one and a half hours just opening up an account with them : ( If I didn't need the money so bad I would have walked the hell out of there!! They tossed us from a teller, to the bank manager, to a gal at a desk who finally actually opened the account. Can you tell I HATE banks!! We do not have a bank on purpose, We pay all our bills with either cash or I load a pre-pay debit card. My husband cashes his paycheck at the Publix food store without a problem (they do charge a small fee for that service) so we have not needed a bank. I hope to close the account as soon as I can... since I didn't want a savings account it will cost us $10.00 a month if we go under the required $1,000 in our checking - HELLO!

The lawyer wrote back to me, and told me I took an oath when I became the executor of the wills to act according to the law and if I were to request the $10,000 be drawn out for my husband & I as per what the will states, I would be acting in violation of the PA. law! So I guess even tho I feel so strongly in my heart that each one of the ladies wanted to give us $10,000 each we will have to accept the fact that we can only get it from one of them.... The thing that dives me crazy is that the lawyer acts as though the $10,000 is pocket change, when that amount is roughly what my husband made all of last year : ( But I guess it is what it is and I have to really get a handle on my feelings about it.

On a happier note, This Sunday is Kelly's 17th Birthday!! My baby is going to be 17 years old - How is that possible???? I am going to make a cake and have my son & daughter-in-law over for cake & pizza.
Until Next Time- God Bless!!

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Fatcat said...

We had that problem when my son graduated last year and a lot of people gave him checks. He had to open an account then.

Happy birthday to Kelly!

They grow up too fast, don't they?