Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hope You All Are Having A Wonderful Summer!!!

Hey there, A long time sure has passed since I last posted.
Hope everyone is doing well.
Things have been crazy here, We are in that time of life now where you just know changes are coming and nothing is ever going to be the same again.
My daughter-in-law has had one issue after another with her pregnancy, I pray each day that nothing else happens. As I mentioned she had the lung collapse issue, then her blood work came back not normal - they found out she started the pregnancy with twins and one didn't evolve (they call it a "vanishing twin syndrome". The poor gal just could not keep any food down, for months. So far all is going a bit better for her and her exams have been checking out okay so I pray all goes well from here on out she only has about 15 more weeks to go. They had an ultrasound done and the doctor thinks she is have a girl, they are going to call her Kylee Marie Davis! Isn't that a pretty name : ) I of course worry that maybe since the doctor didn't have a great view of the baby that maybe they should wait to paint the walls pink & begin buying little pink outfits and all but my daughter-in-law is excited and is buying away...... I don't care if it is a boy or a girl as long and it is healthy at this point!
As far as homeschooling we are done! Kelly is now finished with her schooling. To tell you the truth I am so relived it is all over. I LOVED every minute of homeschooling her but she just never flourished with it as I had hoped. She tells me she is very happy that she was homeschooled but I really carry a lot of guilt that I just did not do enough for her. She now has to decided on what she will do with this next chapter of her life. I worry that when she eventually goes on job interviews some employers require a diploma (I know Target requires one) and since she does not have one that may cause and issue about her getting hired. My son is a manager at our local Target and can possible get her in there, but not sure she wants to be a cashier - I think she would rather work with animals than people. Anyway, I told her if she would like to work on getting a GED I am here for her. She needs to make her decisions & commitments from here on out and I have to step back and let her go.....
Needless to say facing becoming a grandma & watching the next chapter in Kelly's life has just been a bit over whelming for me, Or heck it just might be pre-menopause who knows!
My husband & I were going on little get a ways which were making me very happy, it was really nice just knowing we do still enjoy being with each other. I posted most of those on my other blog: http://niftythriftyatfiftymidliferamblings.blogspot.com/
Also, If any of you have a facebook pages (I follow a few of you already) I'd like to stay in touch with you there since I won't be posting much on this page any longer. My Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/donna.davis.7906 If you don't and just want to e-mail me I'd love to hear from you all just contact me at justme32110@yahoo.com

Take Care & God Bless!!


Fatcat said...

Hi Donna! It's good to hear from you. It sounds like you are doing great. I went over to your other blog and saw your photo and you look great too, rocking the age of 50.

When that grandbaby gets here, we want pictures!

Donna said...

Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it - You are so sweet!!