Thursday, March 26, 2009

PayPal Account ?

I was wondering if any one of my blogging buddies could help me.....
Could one of you send a $1.00 to my paypal account ? Send me your address and I will send you out the dollar asap. They have shut off my webpage and I can't find anyone who has a paypal account. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it! : )

In other news how is everyone? I hope things are going well in the homeschool world for all of you. Things have been going very slow here!!!!! It has been like pulling teeth on both my part and Kelly's! We just can't find the desire to hit the books at all. Things are really disruptive here ever day there is a new problem that arises which isn't helping things one bit.... I really worry though how little we have gotten done this year : (

Take care & Have a wonderful day!


sunshineperri said...

Sent you a dollar. Don't worry about sending it to me!!

Donna said...

Thank You So Very Much!!!!!!!!!
You are just soooo sweet to us!!!!
It is really appreciated - Thanks again : )

PlainJane said...

Sorry to hear of all your woes down there in Sunny Florida. I hope your husband is feeling better and can find work soon and that the unemployment and whatnot can get straitened out soon. I know how slow everything can be in FL. Have a blessed week, I'll be praying for you.

April said...

I hope things get better for you soon. I'll pray for you and your family!