Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Selling Homeschooling Books ect.

I have been having a tough time selling my A Beka books, I have them listed on the A Beka for sale yahoo group, Homeschool used books site, thinking about listing them on Ebay, Do you have any suggestions? In the past when I have used the Apologia series I would just either trade them or sell them in a day.

As you know my son is getting married in 11 days, I thought it was going to be just her family and ours, a small simple thing. I now hear that his girlfriend has invited 150 people. They don't expect that many people but she never put an RSVP on the invitation so they can't be sure.... they are just having findger foods & cake for the reception but still not knowing how many you are having - Yikes! I still have to get dresses & shoes for Kelly & I to wear. We get an unemployment check this week so I hope to get out there and find something. I am going to hit the salvation army store and any consignment shops in the area, I am sure we will find something (I hope!).

It has been so hard to focus on school work! It was soooo hot again yesterday. Kelly's room was like a hot box. I put the window air conditioner on in the living room so we could watch a dvd on President Truman, It was just speaches he made but Kelly was glad to hear what his voice sounded like. We also watched another dvd in the "Earth" series it happend to cover oceans.... every time it mentioned the animals and how we so need our oceans to be healthy for all living things to survive we kept thinking of the oil spill : (

Have a Great Day!

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Phyllis said...

How are you doing, Donna? Haven't seen a post in awhile or heard from you. Is all well with you and yours?