Sunday, May 2, 2010

Roasting Already....

Wow, Did it get hot here in Florida yesterday!
We were in the pool a lot just trying to stay cool, the house was like a sauna. When I checked the temp. had gotten to over 90 degrees in the house - Yikes. I put the air conditioner on (which I hate to do!) because the animals were just too hot. It never really cooled off, our air conditioner doesn't really work it needs to be replaced but who has money for that : ( Today with the heat index it is supposta get into the triple digits. I had a feeling this summer was going to be nasty, I just didn't think so quickly.

Our local paper says we will be seeing the oil spill on our beaches - That is soooo sad. I can't imagine what all those poor animals are going through. Then to top it off our gas is already going up - We are at $2.95 a gallon.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


Phyllis said...

We got your post cards today! We LOVE them and all the details you put into them, Kelly. My boys keep asking me to read them both over and over again.
Thanks so much.

Rhonda said...

Our temps are rising here too. It is gonna be one heck of a summer. That oil spill just tears me up. My girls and I have also been worried about the marine life. So sad. Stay cool, hon.