Friday, December 10, 2010


Kelly & I were on our way back from the getting hay for our horses when we saw black smoke. I gunned the car and sure enough it was at my neighbors, I flew into our driveway and jumped out and yelled to my husband. I called 911, they wanted to know my neighbors exact address so I had to run down to his house. On fire was not his main mobile home it was one that I think he used as storage (he has 3 mobile homes and a motor home on his property), I could hear popping coming from the burning home. 911 asked me so many questions it was unreal!

Right before my eyes the fire started to move and it was going right towards my house! My husband ran down to where I was and yelled hurry we have to get the animals out right now! I ran into the house and got the dog crates and started loading them, my husband took them down to a neighbors. My mind was racing but yet I was in slow motion I could not even think straight. I looked out the window and the fire was right next to my goat fence, Kelly & I ran out to let the goats out. We could not get the boards to open so I busted them (It is amazing how strong you can be when you are under stress). A police officer was at our house yelling that we needed to leave NOW! We couldn't get Kelly's cats, they scratched her and ran from her so we just opened her bedroon windows and had to leave them there in hopes they would jump out. We then ran to open the horse pen and had to watch our horses just run... It was gut wrenching. The officer was getting very upset with us by now and the fire was so close. I sent Kelly down to the neighbors where the dogs were and went back to the house, by now the fire trucks were all over the place. I ran back into the house, I can not tell you how I felt looking around the house thinking that in a few minutes everything would be burned up. I ran to get the picture book my father worked on his entire life that is all I have left of both my parents, my husband was yelling hell with the pictures we had to go but I tore open the closet and with all my strength I pulled the picture books out and took them outside to the street. A wonderful neightbor was there with a golf cart and put them in to take them to a safe place. I ran in one more time and saw I had forgotten our 20 year old cat! He has been in bad shape and was out of sight, I got him in a crate, before I left the house I prayed to God and asked him to spare the house.

The fire trucks were in my driveway, tractors where making fire lines around my house and a helicopter was dropping water over the fire. It was unreal! Kelly said she turned her back towards the house because she didn't want to see the black smoke which would mean our house was getting burned : (

To make a very long afternoon/evening short, the wonderful firefighters saved my house!!!!! A number of wonderful neighbors helped in so many ways, our horses were running loose and this lady got them and took them to her house and feed & watered them and let them run in her pen, another fellow watched the dogs for us as we were back and forth, another lady I had never seen before helped transport the dogs for us in her truck.... the list goes on and on. The one I have to thank the most tho is God! The fire was on a bee line straight for our house and out of know where a wind came and the fire blew just inches past our house & goat house and spared us!

Praise God!


Fatcat said...

Oh thank goodness you are okay! How terrifying!

Phyllis said...

What an ordeal! It makes us all grateful for what we have.

Jennifer said...

Oh, my gosh!! How scary! So glad it didn't end up spreading to your house and that all the animals were taken care of by your neighbors. I love when strangers and others pull together in time of need. Brought a tear to my eye reading it.

sunshineperri said...

Donna, I am so glad that your family, pets and house are okay. How terrifying for you all!! I am so happy that your neighbors are truly neighbors and everyone pitched in and helped. How is Kelly handling it all? Hope you are all recovering.

chelsea said...

That is so terrifying, Hope you okay now.
Keep safe always..

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