Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Freezing Cold in Florida : (

What the heck is this weather, We are having freezing temps. in Florida! That's just not right!! I put the heat on last night for the first time this year : (
I sure hope it warms up soon, I am really useless in the cold weather..

I wanted to ask you all, Do you have a website that you use for vocabulary words?
I am finding Kelly really is lacking in that area ex. I was talking about how I rode in a real stage-coach and she didn't know what that was.. also I mentioned something about a comedian and she didn't know what that was either. We have been working on spelling words which I guess in simular but she learns the word (she writes the words in a sentence, word search ect.) but by the next week they are just gone from her memory. I would like to maybe move away from that and get her to become more aware of more words and their meanings than learning to spell them.

Pearl Harbor Day... Kelly & I are going work on that today. I miss my dad's stories about that day. I wish he was here to tell Kelly the war stories... Soon most of those folks who remember that time will not be with us : (

Stay Warm!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Have you tried playing around with vocabutoons? http://www.amazon.com/Vocabutoons-Vocabulary-Cartoons-Build-Powerful/dp/0965242293#_
I put it on hold at the library recently but it hasn't come in yet. Looks like it might be fun to mess around with.