Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our Plan of Action So Far

Wow, It took me so long to sign into my blog I forgot what I wanted to post about.....

Anyway, We are still plugging along. I wouldn't say we have gotten the hang of homeschooling yet. We are using "Oak Meadow", They have a monthly internet curriculum. I am enoying it but my daughter was having problems with it - She was antsy with it, didn't pay much attention during lessons. We figured out that she doesn't like to read off of the computer. I have since printed each lesson out on paper and she is doing better with it in book form....
We are also using Netflix, They have a ton of great movies to watch to reinforce what we are learning about.

I went to our local library and took out 4 books on Homeschooling, My brain is on overload.... Just so much to take in.

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