Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Wonderful World at the Library!

We took a quick trip over to the library after shopping at Walmart.
It is amazing how exciting I find the libaray since we started Homeschooling!
It really has such a wealth of information there, and the best part it's "FREE".
I have to admit I had a back over due book fine of - $27.80!!!!! I paid it but as things always go for me, they didn't file in into the computer the day I was there because their computer's were down. I didn't even get a recipt either : ( That was stupid of me..... I did take books out that day which I think shows I had paid the fine but today they gave me a hard time about taking books out.
I am still taking out all the books about how to "Homeschool", It really is just so much to digest.
We have found out that my daughter seems to learn a ton more ehn she watches the information. I have been using NETFLIX, I search for movies that cover the topics we are working on. She seems to be able to really have great recall of what is covered, alot more then we we read about it. NETFLIX has some really great documentary movies, also shows from the Discovery channel ect.
We bid on a few books at Ebay, they are okay but not really what we are looking for.
It's been hard getting back into the swing since the holiday's - We still have up our tree, I am enjoying it alot more now since all of the hubub of the holiday is over I can really look at the beauty of the lights. I told the kids, "Let's leave the tree up and just keep decorating it each month with the different holidays", they didn't think that would be a good idea : (

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