Saturday, January 27, 2007

Things Are Never Dull At Our House!

Okay, As I stated in the title - Things are never dull at our house.
Sometimes that isn't a good thing!!!!!
The day started off great, My daughter had been waiting for the horse trainer to be able to come over again to help her with Chance - Well she called and was coming over at 10:30am., They went off for a ride.
Then my son came back with my car and said the transmission was acting up.... I had just got the car back from being repaired a few weeks ago. It turned out that it just needed transmission fluid. My husband added the fluid in and then relized he has put the transmission fluid in the oil area! Now if I had done that it would have been heck to pay....
My daughter and the horse trainer had made plans to meet up with two other horse and go for a ride, My daughter was smiling from ear to ear. That has been her dream to be able to ride around our area and just ride. They were gone for a long time, Finally at around 4:00pm I got in the car with my son and we went looking for them. Well we found them, the trainer was walking Chance and Kelly was walking.... Which of course wasn't a good thing. We pulled up and Kelly was crying, It seems that Chance didn't want to leave the other horses and kinda bucked a bit when they left which scared Kelly. She didn't want to get back on the horse and walked all the way home. I felt so bad for her, Her life revolves around horses and to have the day turn out like this just broke my heart.
After getting back to our house, The trainer suggested we might think of selling Chance and buy an older horse who had seen it all and wasn't spooked by anything. Yikes! I will have to talk it over with Kelly and see what she really thinks - When dealing with an animal well over a thousand pounds you can not be afraid of it.... I know it will brake her heart to sell him.
Well we will see what will go on with that.

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Donna said...

Hi, my name is Donna too, I also live in FL, and I homeschool :) I found your blog by doing a search for York Christian Academy, because we also homeschool through them. But, the link I have won't work. Do you have a new one? Nice to meet you :) Here is my blog