Friday, January 26, 2007

2 Months & 17 days......

We are still chugging away..... We have been doing homeschooling now for 2 months & 17 days. We are still really trying to search for what works best for Kelly! The only time I see her have any recall of what we have learned is when she watches the information for example a Documentary. When we do book work, It seems to just breeze right in & out of her brain, I have been finding it a bit frustrating....! On one of the yahoo groups I am on a gal suggested a certain workbook: in looking them over I went out and bought the 5th grade level spelling - Kelly seemed a bit interested in it but the words are a bit too hard for her. I am going to order a few more of their workbooks as they look like they might spark Kelly's interest but some will have to be in the 4th grade level which I know she will not like. I really am amazed at how poorly Kelly spells (I have always had a problem with spelling myself). Her teachers in public school let her write stories and reports and never corrected her spelling errors, She feels it is okay to just keep writting like that without any regard to spelling the words correctly which I feel is not right and I really want to work on her getting some of the core words down.
The public school sent a letter today to invite Kelly to take the FCAT test, I don't think it is a good idea for her to take it as we have not been teaching/learning to the test as they do in the public school and she would be a t a disadvantage.
Even though we have switched over from being classified as a "Homeschooler" to an umbrella school so we do not have to worry about portfolio's and end of year check-up's ect. I still want to have her evaluated at the end of our school year just to see where we are at.

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