Monday, January 15, 2007

So Much To Go Over!!!!!!

My daughter went on a trip up north with my husband, they will be up in the PA. area for a few days.
During this time I thought I would go over my ideas for homeschooling..... Well I tell you I thought my brain was on overload!!!!! I just think there are just too many options out there and it is making me go no where with it. I spent the entire day looking a websites, reading reviews on what works for some families what doesn't ect., looking at unit study ideas... I even printed out a 58 page unit study that I found interesting which looking at it now I think it s a bit too over the top for my daughter and she will be bored with it : ( It just seems like I am frozen over what to teach her. Many websites and blogs ect. are parents who have little children who have either always homeschooled or have started at the K or 1st. grade level - I have been searching for homeschoolers who had children in the public school system for a number of years and then pulled them out like our situtation (My daughter is almost 12 and was in the middle of her 5th grade when we removed her). I think this has it's own set of problems because I am finding a number of issues with my daughter ex. She LOVES to write stories and has a wonderful imagination but the school system let her just go off and write with no regard for spelling the words correctly. I myself have always been a poor speller so I know the road blocks that can cause so I try and correct her but she get's all flabergasted and cranky. Other issues are, we will look at a topic to cover in the OM curriculm and she will say we covered that in school.... when I question her about what she remembers about it, She has very little recall of what was covered. I know in my mind I remember very little info. on the pilgrims, colonial times too.
Being the "teacher" now I worry about all of that : )
I have decided I am returning all of the "How to Homeschool" books and just keep a certain few fav. websites and just go with that for now, I am just spending way too much time "Looking" around and not enough time on schooling.....

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