Friday, January 19, 2007

Watch What You Say!

Remember how I said I wanted to stop spending so much time surfing the net for new homeschool websites.... Well guess what my computer got a major virus and they had to wipe it our clean! All of my favorites were lost : (
I have been able to find the major ones like Oak Meadow, Enchanted Learning and a few others but lost some of the little goodies I had found. I am not going to try and fine them now, I think it was a sign I am spending too much time on the computer!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,

Love your blog!

I did the same as you, lose all my links due to a computer failure. I now keep them on a website that I created for the purpose of keeping them safe(r) - well, save an internet failure! (If you're interested, see for my secular links.)

And, here are two more (amazing) links to get you reconnected!

Secular Curriculum

Secular Homeschoolers Personal Webpages

Keep up the good work!