Thursday, February 1, 2007

Evan-Moore Website

I signed up at Evan-Moor for the teacher file box:
Kelly has been enjoying the workbooks that we have bought from them, so I thought since we are finding a number of areas were we could use work from both 4th and 5th grade this would work out for us. It is a bit pricey at $9.99 a month after the introduction special of $ .99 cents for the first month. I have printed out a few items already but I think we might not stick with it at that price.
As far as the horse episode, I have talked it over with Kelly and she still wants to work with Chance and not sell him..... Sooooo being the mom that I am I called around to find more options as far as training for her ( Our local homeschooling group is organizing horse back riding lessons, but not sure at what level those will be). I talked with a few different people and I found a lady who actually lives a few roads over from us who trains horses. We had her over on tues., She said that Chance is a lovey that all we need to do is get Kelly better trained in how to ride Chance, She gave Kelly some tips to work with. We are really not sure what route we will take on this as far as training.

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