Wednesday, February 7, 2007

My husbands thoughts on our homeschooling : (

Last night my husband asked my daugher to clean out the horse pen, She said "Remember dad I have homeschooling in the morning", So I can't do it right away.
He said to her, "You don't do any schooling anyway".
Wow! That really almost made me cry! Here all the hard work I have been doing with Kelly he thinks is nothing! I thought it was such a nasty thing to say.... I think it made Kelly feel bad to!
We haven't been making much progress with her learning anything new yet because I have been searching for methods of learning that will work for her.
I also have been trying to get a handle on what she know & doesn't know - Like she doesn't know her times tables at all & her spelling is very bad. I have had to re-adjust what I had planned to work on because of a few of these things. Like we have started working on the states (We are going very slow since I know she has a very hard time memorizing things), My husband has been coming home each night asking her "What is the capital of this state, What's this one"? She really is just starting to know the names and where they are located.... But I guess by her not knowing these things he feels she isn't learning anything, and since he see's us not putting in a ton of time on schooling (We start at about 10:00am and go to 1 or 2pm.), I guess he feels I am not putting enough effort into it. We just started homeschooling on Nov. 17, 2006 - With all I have read about giving her down time to adjust to homeschooling ect. I didn't think we have been wasting time..... : (

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FatcatPaulanne said...

Don't be discouraged. We will be starting our third year of homeschooling this fall and I am still trying to find something that gets through to my youngest son. I think he's a visual spacial learner too. He finally learned to read with the Leapfrog videos. I use Sequential Spelling which is very good for teaching these kind of kids to spell. I've not found anything good for the multiplication tables yet. I let my youngest use a chart when he does his math. He's starting to remember them after looking them up 15 times each. ;-) I've also thought about using a CD with songs to teach the two youngest the multiplication tables.

It takes a while to hit your stride and feel confident. You'll get there.