Friday, February 16, 2007

A Tough Week : (

What a tough week we are having.....
I have been so disappointed this week in both of my kids.
My daughter, I am trying all different types and ways to teach her but it just seems like she is floundering. She get's up and walks around when I am going over something with her, She lays down on the bench at the kitchen table where we do our work, and just gives so little to the lessons it is sooooo trying for me! I bought new workbooks in spelling & reading because the lessons we were using were to hard for her and these are a bit easier (I thought maybe all of the above was because she was just to overhelmed). Well that doesn't seemed to have help, she was doing the same thing again yesterday.... I asked her "Did you just walk around at your old school"? She said "No". I said then why don't you give me the same respect you gave your last teacher.....
I signed her up for Time4Learning: , I am hoping this might help since I know she seems to learn better by seeing then workbooks. I went on the site and played one of the lessons in the fifth grade folder - Well, I think it is just going to overwhelm her! I changed the setting to 4 instead of 5 at the top of the page, not sure if that will help or not. I won't find out if she likes it or not today since we have a homeschooling horseback riding meeting today at 1:00pm. (Which I know she is going to LOVE). This is a welcome change, I think we are spending way too much time in the house!!!!! With the brakes on my car going plus the tranmission slipping, water over heating ect. it looks like we may be down to one car very soon and we won't be able to take little trips : (

Then my son, He is still in public school. He skipped 1st. & 4th. period classes on Valentine's Day with his girlfriend! Her mother called me up and wanted to let me know what they were up to - Nothing like talking with a livid mother : (
I am just so disappointed in him, he knows he has taken to many days off already due to the horse running away & car acting up, he is well over the limit for this school semester. Then to have his girlfriend & another kid in the car and riding around!!!!!! I told him I am taking the car away for awhile.... He said he was glad because having the car just got him into trouble.
Oh well there is always next week.......

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