Friday, July 13, 2012

Reading the Newspaper : (

Honestly it must be bad for your health to read the newspaper!
I just glanced at USA Today and read JP Morgan lost 5.8 billion dollars (Didn't tax payers help bail them out in 2008!). Hope Solo says she and some of the other olympians were drunk on the Today show after partying the night before and that the one of the olympians describes the olympic village as a "frat party with a very nice gene pool." It also states that all of the clothes that the olympians will wear for the opening ceremonies were made in China (Are you kidding me)! And DON'T even get me started on the Penn State issue, I can't imagine how any human being would stand by and not bash the sh*t out of that guy if you saw him doing something like that to a young boy!! I don't give a rats ass who he was I would have kicked him in the personals and called the cops - End of Story!! Those men who turned a blind eye to all this need to rot in HELL!
See what I'm saying, the newpaper is harmeful to your health!

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