Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Time Frame of Mind

It's funny, I had such high hopes for keeping schooling going thru out the summer. From the start Kelly & I have been just like these to rams - butting heads! I should have just taken the time off and started up when the public school starts again but NO I had the grand vision to keep the train rolling in hopes we would get alot done. Instead it has been a battle almost every day. She needed that "summer time" mind set alot more that I thought she did.

I screwed up!


Fatcat said...

Join the club honey, we all do it. :-)

Just take a break now and start back maybe September first.

My kids love their summer down time although at least one of them wishes it was fall or spring down time because it is awfully hot here in the summer.

Nicole said...

Hi Donna! I am missing Dawson as much as you are missing reading about him! Email me so I can send you an invite to Taulman Times which is now Private. I'll also get back with you on some of the Chemistry plans I had.


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