Friday, October 26, 2007


My plans for "Reviewing" this week has not gone as I had hoped. Since my husband has no work and has been hanging around the house it has been VERY hard to get school work done - then today my son is off again from the public school so it REALLY will be a stuggle to get anything done!
We started a Bat Study since we couldn't attend the Bat Class our homeschool group was offering (We are really scrapping bottom now but I keep praying that he find works soon). I found Kelly really absorbed alot of the info. about the Bats when we stayed pretty much on that one subject. I was thinking of maybe doing one subject a day instead of jumping around from one thing to another.
I was embarrased when we were working on Fractions! I was mixing her up.... We are using the Mammoth Math Fractions 1 booklet and I was showing her up at the board how to find the answer and I got all mixed up and couldn't figure it out : ( My husband came over and showed ME how to get the answer - YIKES!

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FatcatPaulanne said...

I've done something similar, only my 9-year-old was the one to correct me!