Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday, A New Day.....NOT!

Okay here I go again being negative.....
First of all I stayed up late last night (untill 11:00pm) watching the tv. show "Jon & Kate plus 8" , I really enjoy seeing how these parents handle so many children and I have a tough time with two. Anyway, I woke up at 6am. this morning which was good, I only had gotten up once last night (the cat has been getting me up a few times a night lately to go in and then out). My son left for school and then my husband left for his parents house, Kelly was still sleeping - I thought I would grab a few more winks. As soon as I layed down my son came back, his car is having trouble going into gear and is smoking! I was flabergasted, I have just enough money this week to pay the electric bill ($333.70 - which needs to be payed today or they are shutting it off), now we have this problem. I had hoped to take Kelly to the beach tomorrow to watch the Space Shuttle launch, We can see it from our house but I am sure it would be a better view from the beach - Now it looks like that won't happen : (
I HATE starting the week off like this!!!!!
As far as school goes, This week we are going to be "Reviewing" what we have covered so far. I had read on "Higher Up and Further In" that she used the history book "Oxford First Ancient History" I got it in Sat. mail so we will use it this week to review with and see if we might like it better then SOTW.
Well it's 8:40am. and I sure hope the rest of the day turns out better....

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