Saturday, March 17, 2007

Homeschooling & Life Lessons.....

Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow. Albert Einstein
One learns through the heart, not through the eyes or the intellect...Mark Twain
Learn the past, watch the present, and in it create the future... Anonymous

I found these quotes on a Blog: which is so up lifting about not getting carried away with what you have failed in teaching your children but look at what the possiblities are instead:
This women who has 6 children & Homeschools has decided to pack up and live in a travel trailer to get back to the basics and be able to buy land and build their own home. I had always had thoughts of something like that. kinda like the "Wild Thornberry's"
Kelly has even mentioned once my son goes off to college could we try it.... But we have too many animals to be able to just get up and go : ( But it sure would be a nice idea! That was my thoughts when we moved down here to Florida, to have our bills as low as we could possibly go so we could have fun instead of being strapped to making money. We have no home loan (We bought a doublewide mobile home on two acres), the only bills we have are our utility bills: $148.00 cable, phone & internet a month, car insurance: It has sky rocked since adding my son $250.00 a month for 5 months, garbage $25.00 a month & of course property taxes which vary but run about $650.00 a year. We drive to older cars - My husband has a 15 passenger van (We need that, just in case we need to evacuate do to fires, hurricanes ect.) & we just bought a 1991 jeep cheroke for my son to get back and forth to high school - I have no car for Kelly and I to get around but that is one of the trade -off's I guess. Anyway, I have always felt there is nothing that will weighs heavier on a family then bills!!!!! and Money problems!!!!! If my children learn nothing else from me, I want them to try and live within their means not above it because it can strip the entire fun out of life.....

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