Monday, March 19, 2007


It is a bright sunny day here in Florida today - I have been outside a few times to take the dogs out and it is a bit on the chilly side but should warm up by afternoon.
It is 10:30am. As I sit here writting I look around and it just seems overwhelming - The house is a mess...., Kelly is still sleeping..... and I don't really have a lesson plan for today anyway.
Ever since the day with that mid-term test and she didn't remember much of anything we have done for the past 3 months has really stopped me in my tracks!
We need to change gears and go another direction, I have been reading and have gotten a few ideas but I seem to be paralized with the idea of starting something new.... Doesn't that sound crazy!!!!!
Each Sunday I tell myself to get the house in order so when Monday rolls around I am not looking a a ton of mess plus the idea of homeschooling around that mess! But each week it seems to happen again and again.
I wish I could just hire a cleaning gal to help me get it under control once and for all and then maybe I could stay on top of it. My family is small just the four of us but each one is a mess type person, no one puts a thing away where it should go, clothes are thrown all over, dishes are never put in the sink ect... plus we have a ton of dogs who live in the house too. So I think it is a recipe for disaster! But of course the blame for the dirty house always seems to land in my lap even though I have tried to explain to everyone that we all make the messes we need to clean up but that doesn't seem to matter very much both my husband and son both feel that since I am "home all day" I should be the one to clean up even though I run a dog breeding business & homeschool Kelly.... : (
Gosh my posts seem so negative lately - I really am a positive type person!!

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