Monday, March 5, 2007

Making the Right Moves in Life......

This week it seems as though my entire family is just soooo unhappy ; (
Just before my dad died 3 1/2 years ago (My mom had passed away a 1 yr. before that), We decided to sell our beautiful old 3 story 1860 house that was my dream home in PA., It was in a town that you could really say was close to the "Perfect" place to live. The heating bill for that house was skyrockiting and we always felt that since my husband was a house painter if we lived some where were he could work all year round it would make more sense and we wouldn't have all these feast or famin type years. We got a nice price for the house packed up and moved to Florida. Sixteen days after we moved my dad died.... that in it self has weighed very heavy on me.
My son who has played football all of his life has always dreamed of playing college football someday... Well at first we thought the move to Florida would help since you play all year round basically. His football coach took him aside a week or so ago and told him that with his size (6'3 & 185 lbs.) he won't be able to get him a scholarship to play.... Now this is devistating on many levels for a 17 year old boy, but the main kicker is that the school he played for in PA. - He would be an all star there (I'm not just saying that as his mom, It's the truth)! He would of for sure gotten picked up by some school up there even if it was some smaller school. This news has soooo changed him, He is now saying that he relizes he won't be going to college so why look at the brochures that come to the house, He says that there is now way we can afford to pay for college so he might as well just face facts...Nothing like a 17 year old being hit with reality so soon....
Then my daughter, I am so enjoying homeschooling her but I just hope and pray that it is the correct thing to be doing, since so many of our choices have been terrible in the past!

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