Wednesday, September 23, 2009

20 Books....

I never would have belived that being able to take 20 books out of the library would not be enough books!
I am really trying to have all the books needed for the whole weeks worth of schooling so I do not have to run all the way up to the library mid week, but there I was today driving up there at 9am.. I had my list of books to get so I could wisk in and out. Again some of the books I was looking for that are listed in their search catalog are missing/stolen..... our library really seems to have a major problem with that (they want to install a anti theft beeper at the door but as of yet have no way of knowing when books are going out the door stolen). Anyway, I could have taken out at least 30 or more books (remind you I was just there on Sat,) but cut my list down to the 20 allowed. I'm not allowed to use my daughter's library card only when she is with me to use the card herself which is NEVER the child hates going to the library : (
I could spend the day in the library.... If I let myself ramble along I can find a topic that interests me in no time at all.
Note: We read a cute story while doing our Just Plain Fancy book study about the Amish. The book was an example of jealousy/envy/equality : "A Bargain for Frances" by Russell Hoban.

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School for Us said...

Sorry to hear you have problems with your library! Our library lets us check out unlimited books, and I know I sometimes had 80 books when my daughter was young and we were flying through picture books!