Monday, September 21, 2009

Jumping For Joy : )

If you have been following my blog you know the struggles I have had with homeschooling my daughter Kelly.... Well I have to share this little tidbit with you : )
On Friday I went down town with my husband to cash my husbands unemployment check (Yes, He is not working AGAIN), When we got home I had one of those blister of a headaches brewing so I told Kelly I was going to lay down for an hour, Well I slept right through our schooling time. When I got up she said to me "So how was schooling today" in a sarcastic tone - meaning we didn't get to it and she was UPSET about it! She was upset we didn't do schooling...... My heart jumped for joy : )


Rhonda said...

YAY! This means you must be doing something right. I hope that you are feeling better.

School for Us said...

That's great! And, I'll say a prayer for your husband to find work. Take care!