Tuesday, September 22, 2009

China Study & World War I ?

We had our Chinese food to go with our study of China for lunch today - "Chicken Chow Mein", It is amazing how filling a plate of that is.... of course we had to have fortune cookies too : )
I think it is these little added touches that are making our school day more enjoyable.
I wanted to ask you all if any one can suggest a good World War I book? We are starting it and the books I have gotten so far are way to hard to follow (even for me). The suggested reading books are: "World War I" by Tom McGowen & "The Yanks Are Coming" by Albert Marrin, my library has neither one of these so I have to order them with inter library loan program which will cost me $4.00 dollars ($2.00 for every book you order even if they can't find it for you...). They need the money before they can order, I wasn't going to order them but since the choices of books for World War I are so slim I guess I will.
Today is the first day of Autumn! Have a great day : )


April said...

We are doing same thing on China! I think our dinner will be on Sunday or Monday. We just did the orgami thing--the girls made little hats and houses for the baby chickens... Later this year we will be doing Russia, as a highschool friend is a missionary there. Once his kids are moved back to Russia we will also have some Russian Penpals.

Fatcat said...

Have you looked at The Story of US by Joy Hakim?

School for Us said...

Yikes! I really am not trying to make you jealous, but we can ILL for free! Maybe it's because we're part of a large library system? Anyway, we have never studied WWI, so I can't help you there.