Saturday, May 5, 2007

Fires & Accidents.....

We have a nasty wild fire here in Flagler County that is getting me a bit nervous! It's not too close yet but when you here how quickly it is eating up acres and acres of land it makes you worried.... It seems that if we aren't worried about hurricanes (Which starts June 1st.) then it's fires here in Florida. It really striks me as ironic because one of the reasons we moved down here was to get away from bad weather (snowstorms & cold). I just pray that this fire or any others that might pop up stay away from our area... With so many animals it would be very gut wrenching having to evacuate without the horse, goats, chickens, turkey's! I pray that my daughter would never have to live through that!!!!!! There are so many things to think about when faced with evacuating - Our main problem is getting all the dogs into the van. I have been very slack this year because when some of the dog crates cracked I didn't replace them which could cause some major issues if we need to leave fast. I really should get on that today - See really what we would be faced with.
Anyway, In other bad news one of the boys who played football with Kris last year was in a terrible car crash. The football coach who went to see him said he had been thrown out of the car during the accident, he said that it looked like the young man had no ears.... and would have major scars on his face. This boy was so handsome and so smart too - It is just such a darn shame this had to happen, he had just lost his father only a short time ago! His mom must be beside herself! It really brings home that you just never know when things like this will happen.... I think we all need to rethink things. I feel so blessed to be able to have Kelly home with me (I just hope I am doing her justice by her learning). Our kids are with us so little time if you really think about it - Then they go off to start their own lives.... Hold them close while you can : )

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