Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sunny Saturday

Well my son has one more day of school left of 11th grade then he is off for the summer.... You don't know how sad I feel when I think of him starting his senior year in August! I know most mom's would be happy for their kids but not me, I just feel that the time has just passed WAY to quickly. My mom always said that you wake up one morning and your children are going to kindergarten, you wake up another morning they are teenagers, wake up again they are graduating high school, then getting married, then having their own babies..... she always said that I will not belive how quickly time flies by to not worry about all the little things to just enjoy the children while they are with me! Of course while your going through life it is hard to stop and "See the children", you worry that they aren't speaking yet, when will they be potty trained, walking, then you go through the whole school thing, then first boyfriends/girlfriends, driving a car ect..... It seems a blur when you think of it and it's hard to enjoy it while you are living it. But I so understand what she ment when she said you will wake up one morning and it will be all gone and you won't know where it went - I am at that point with Kristopher, He drives, has a girlriend & will be a senior in highschool! Where did my little man with the big belly laugh go?

He had a football game last night against Mainland, in Daytona Beach. He played alot but not all of the game, He was a bit disappointed about that. I really am not sure why they take him out of the game, he does very well I think.... He loves football - I don't know how he sticks with it though when his football coach tells him he will be playing both sides of the ball and then he doesn't even play the whole game!!!! They do this to him every year, and it looks like it will happen again this up-coming year too! here is the story about the football game:

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FatcatPaulanne said...

I can tell we've been thinking alike lately. Where does the time go?