Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot Here In Florida....

It sure is hot here in Florida! Where is the fall weather? I think we have even broke some old records for this time of year : ( All those folks who have planned their Disney vacations for this week must be sweating their tails off..... It's funny we live about 20 or so minutes from Flagler Beach (picture above) do you know how many times we have been down there this year swimming? None! I know alot of people would die to be able to visit the beach and here we never go.... I guess that is the way it is when things are in you so called "backyard" you just don't enjoy them like you should.
I sure hope the cooler temps. start heading our way soon!!!!!!


School for Us said...

It has been really hot here, too... until yesterday. We were near 100 twice this week (near Houston) and then a cold front came in Friday afternoon. We're now in the 60's!!! Which is too cool for us. :-)

Anyway, I hope some cold wind blows your way!

live4evermom said...

It is supposed to hit the upper 90's today and we have humidity galore but soon we will cool down. Can't wait for that. Seems like anytime we live in a place with places to visit we don't make the time to go. It always happens that way. I've worked on that living here where I am but I'm soon running out of places to visit.